Wednesday, August 09, 2006

This Is A Nightmare

Matt Damon is rumored to be up for the part of Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek XI. WTF?! And this is just after it was officially announced that Heath Ledger plays Joker in Batman: The Dark Knight. What, are we gay now? Ooops sorry. But after Jim Carrey, Ledger doesn't quite fit the part. And now Damon as Kirk? Blasphemy. To think that this year marks Star Trek's 40th anniversary.

What's next? Josh Hartnett as Han Solo? Tara Reid as Scarlett O'Hara? Paris Hilton as Cleopatra? Jesse McCartney and Lindsay Lohan as Bonnie and Clyde? Grrr.

See Kirk's reaction upon hearing the news here. And even if you don't care about Star Trek, it's still fun.

Christian Bale/Gary Oldman/Michael Caine/Morgan Freeman/Heath Ledger
Batman II: The Dark Knight (technically Batman VI)
Coming 2008

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