Tuesday, December 26, 2006

First Blood

3 November

Almost drew first blood earlier this afternoon while I was cruising around with my. I like flooring the accelerator, rarely falling below third gear in normal conditions. When we were about to go home, we passed by an elementary school. Classes haven’t let out yet, so I was confident. I sped through the school zone at around 50, only slowing down a little when I was about to make a turn.

Then, a kid suddenly appeared from the right. I slammed on the brakes. My youngest brother let out a yelp. The car screeched to a halt about 2 feet away from the front bumper. We stared at each other. I could see that he was a little scared, but I was just about to wet my pants.

The kid went on his way, and we slowly drove home. Later that night, we were just joking about it, but I’m listening to an obscure Radiohead song that took on a new meaning for me since then. It’s called Killer Cars. Nice, eh?

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