Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Chrono Trigger

I finally got Crono to Level 99, and that’s something in excess of 2.3 million experience points. I have Power, Speed, Magic, Magic Defense and Stamina at maximum. Evade is 90 and Hit is a measly 47, but well, you can’t have everything.

Ayla, Robo, Lucca, Marle and Frog/Glenn have reached Level 99 as well, and only Magus is hanging on to Level 93. His character joined the party very late in the game, so nothing I can do about that except play some more. Ayla finally got her Bronze Fists at Level 97, so I now have everybody’s strongest weapons.

First thing I did when Crono hit Level 99 was to go to the End of Time to challenge Spekkio, now having taken the appearance of a Nu (and a pink Nu at that). Considering that I’ve found all 12 endings and since about Level 60+ I could defeat Lavos with my eyes closed, I found Nu Spekkio challenging, since I don’t even remember an enemy that can deal more than 800 HP damage in one attack since I’ve had my party’s maximum defenses equipped. Obviously, this excludes Queen Zeal’s Halation attack that reduces all characters’ HP to 1. Nu Spekkio has a similar attack, down to the graphics and the 1 HP result, but his attacks are not named anything. He/She/It has everything though, from Magus’s Dark Matter to Crono’s Luminaire to Lucca’s Flare.

What I did was this: My party consisted of Crono, Lucca and Robo. Crono and Lucca attacked, Robo healed.

Weapon: Rainbow
Helmet: OzziePants
Armor: MoonArmor
Accessory: GreenDream (for one time reanimation)

Weapon: WonderShot
Helmet: PrismHelm
Armor: PrismDress
Accessory: PowerSeal (more Power)

Weapon: TerraArm
Helmet: PrismHelm
Armor: MoonArmor
Accessory: ThirdEye (2x evade)

I could have brought Marle or Ayla as healer, but Robo is much more resistant to attacks than those two, and every HP counts. The battle went something like, Nu Spekkio casts Halation, Robo uses Heal Beam, then Crono and Lucca use Luminaire and Flare respectively. I’ve never concerned myself much with double and triple techs, and Nu Spekkio is not changing that. Repeat after one round. Since no one is wearing a Gold or even Silver Stud, MP is depleted after 4-5 rounds. I take a breather for one round after that, letting Crono and Lucca use a HyperEther each. Curiously, Nu Spekkio had one attack that was named, called Salt, and what it did was fully restore Lucca’s health. Huh?

A while later, Nu Spekkio surrenders and gives my party the Spekkio Cheerful Set, its most valuable package consisting of 10 each of Power, Magic and Speed tabs as well as 10 MegaElixirs. Woohoo!

I’ve gone through this game dozens of times, and that’s no big joke since a single run can take about 8-10 hours if I go for broke and complete all 7 side quests after the main plot before confronting Queen Zeal inside the Black Omen. I suppose I could bring it down to less than 5 hours, but skirting around to avoid enemies isn’t really fun. The final 20 or so levels were quite annoying, since I needed to rack up 40-50000 experience points just to advance one level. Imagine fighting the Imps at Truce Canyon or Guardia Forest, getting 2 experience points for each Imp defeated. I hung out inside the Black Omen, where the enemies give me 600-700 experience points each.

Next challenge? Hmm… Equip the weakest weapons and defenses. Whoa! Help! Someone stole my Masamune!

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