Tuesday, April 01, 2008


January: Throw Me The Statue

Wistful bedroom pop to start the year. It's generally just Scott (the one on the right holding the guitar instead of silly number cards), but I like this photo showing the rest of the band. The single About To Walk is just about the first great thing that happened to me this 2008. Then I heard Lolita. And Yucatan Gold. And The Happiest Man On This Plane. And (or I can just put up the entire tracklist of their album Moonbeams, eh?). Check it out at Secretly Canadian.

Lyrics from About To Walk

Favourite space is a palindrome
Where I tuck in the cannonball
And I never have to share
And where nobody can see
Well, I was just about to walk
Five miles in a day

Shame is always bathed in light
And it always looks the same

Strange nights locked inside
I was waiting for a road ahead

I was lying in my Western bed
Clues and clues dressed in white
Double dreams tend to ?
After all with the evening goes
‘Cause they were only there to break my toes

February: Los Campesinos!

I just love silly boy-girl tweepop. Or anything silly, boy-girl or tweepop or any combination of the three.

Lyrics from Death to Los Campesinos!

You've been broken down I go
(war economy)

father f├╝hrer, don't be mad at me
peasant child, you're into botany
splitting necks and calling the dichotomy
'BEWARE' the sign on the door suggests -
I'm better off with artificial intelligence

I invented you

(I invented you)

If you catch me with my hands in the till
I promise, sugar, I wasn't trying to steal
I'm just swimming in copper
to smell and pretend
like a robot!

March: Days

Sweden (Gothenburg especially) is becoming in the 2000s what Glasgow was in the 1990s. The first EP from Days has just been released, and I can't wait for the full album. Go to Fraction Discs.

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Tony Cushman said...

Hey Buddy,

I was reading your post with a synopsis of your thesis regading music file-sharing and found it very interesting. I am also very sceptical about recent industry lamentation regarding 'piracy' and, as a music lover, feel that the digital music revolution is a markedly positive phenomenon. I would love to read your paper.

I stumbled across your blog because I have just completed my own thesis on a very similair topic. My paper uses Adorno's philosophy as a theoretical-framework. It follows the rise of the 'music-industry' since the 1960s and argues the Adornian notion that industry involvement obscures aesthetic pursuits. I focus on the way in which administrative forces suppress progressive musical content. I argue that music file-sharing is reflective of Adorno's critical theory.

Here is a link to a pdf of my thesis, if you are interested: http://www.scribd.com/doc/2451672/MONEY-CHANGES-EVERYTHING

Let me know what you think- tonycushman@hotmail.com . I would love to chat about music with you. I just downloaded that Los Campesinos album as well. Some of their tracks are pretty tight.


-Tony Cushman